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A Graffiti Removal Service You Can Rely On

We pride ourselves on being different to other graffiti removal companies. We take a hands-on and tailored approach to everything we do. In some cases, graffiti can be offensive and needs to be removed quickly, that is why we are on hand whenever you need us. Whether the graffiti is located on the outside of an office, school or housing property, our experts are able to quickly remove all traces using specialist chemicals. Here at Grounds Care Group, we work around your schedule and the requirements of your premises to provide you with a graffiti removal service that you can rely on.

Our Graffiti Removal Services

Here at the Grounds Care Group, we are able to be on-site removing all traces of the graffiti thoroughly within hours. Our experienced and fully trained team are experts at removing graffiti quickly but also without any damage to the substrate. Wherever possible, our team will avoid chemicals when carrying our graffiti removal services. In most situations, we are able to use steam and pressure to thoroughly remove all graffiti. However, where necessary we are able to use chemicals to effectively remove stubborn paint. When chemicals have been used within our graffiti removal service, we go to great lengths to ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly.

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you choose to work with the Grounds Care Group you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system. For over 12 years we have been using our unique scheduling system to be more efficient and save our customers money. You’ll receive live minute by minute reporting, allowing you to stay in control of every service we provide. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details including job receipts, quotes and inspection reports anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

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