Professional Void Property Clearance

We are proud to offer a professional void property clearance service providing extensive biohazard deep cleaning and safe waste removal from your commercial or residential premises.

The Types of Void Properties We Clean

Void or empty properties could relate to a multitude of buildings, such as old commercial premises or uninhabited housing.

Where some companies may be reluctant to clean certain properties, Grounds Care Group will tackle the biggest cleaning challenges and follow strict health and safety guidelines.

The void properties we have cleaned include:

  • houses
  • flats and apartments
  • factories
  • warehouses
  • shops
  • commercial offices and buildings
  • public and government buildings
  • pubs, restaurants, and takeaway units

Benefits of a Professional Void Property Clearance Service

Most social landlords, local authorities, and commercial property owners are likely to need a professional void property clearance service at some stage. Your tenants may have moved on, been evicted, or passed away, leaving behind piles of rubbish or hazardous materials and your property in an uninhabitable and unusable state.

Whether you’re dealing with a long-term problem such as squatters, or an unforeseen emergency like flash flooding, our experienced team at Grounds Care Group will be quick to respond to any waste clearance challenge in all vacant commercial and domestic properties.

Our expertise in cleaning biohazardous materials and safely disposing of waste and biproducts in our specialist sealed vehicles also means we are fully equipped to tackle problems of any size.

Our Void Property Clearance Service includes:

  • Emergency and scheduled waste clearance
  • Safe and compliant removal of waste products
  • Biohazard deep cleaning
  • Sealed waste vans
  • Flexible service arrangements
  • One-off service or contract work
  • Sensitive, customer-focused approach
  • Fully trained, experienced staff
  • Bespoke, professional service

Flexible Void Property Clearance Service Solutions

From one-off projects to waste removal contracts, we will ensure your property is cleared quickly and safely so it is ready for re-use. It’s safe to say, you can trust Grounds Care Group to handle any type of waste clearance task.

The added benefit of our fully-flexible, customer-focused approach is that we can provide a one-off service for emergencies, or draw up a contract for regular waste removal. This can be particularly beneficial to large private and social landlords dealing with multiple tenants.


The type of vacant property waste clearance projects we tackle :

  • Social housing clearance
  • Housing associations
  • Private property clearance
  • Squatter clearance
  • Hoarder clearance
  • Empty building clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Warehouse waste removal
  • Furniture clearance
  • Garage clearance
  • Electrical waste disposal

Responsible waste management

All our property waste clearance work is carried out with sustainability in mind, as well as in accordance with health and safety regulations. This means we recycle of all the waste we collect from vacant properties and only use landfill as a last resort.

Every property clearance project we take includes a detailed risk assessment at the outset for the safe protection of our customers, staff, and the wider public. This process also ensures no damage is caused to the environment while we carry out our work.

Void property and squatter cleaning

Our team at Grounds Care Group provide a comprehensive cleaning service for vacant commercial and residential properties that have been occupied by squatters. The nature of this work means we operate with extreme care because of the potentially harmful waste left behind.

Therefore, our teams are fully protected from the risk of biohazards such as human faeces, urine, and rotten food as well as gas bottles, and all waste is disposed of in line with waste safety regulations.

When drug users have been present, our teams are also required to safely dispose of hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia. As a result, we ensure our staff are properly equipped with protective clothing so vacant properties can be thoroughly cleaned and all waste is removed with the highest level of care and attention.

Evictions cleaning service

We support social and private property landlords by providing a cleaning service after tenants have been evicted. This often involves the safe removal of furniture and other personal items, so our experienced teams carry out this work in a sensitive and professional manner to avoid upsetting anyone present including the evicted person, neighbours, and friends.

In situations where a property has been deliberately damaged or vandalised, a risk assessment will be carried out before a plan of action is formed so our staff are alert to the potential risks and dangers.

Our cleaning and waste disposal service also covers vacant properties that have become infested with pests such as rats, mice, pigeons, and other wild animals. These pests and their faeces carry pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful to humans and require one of our specialist pest teams to perform a biohazard deep clean and safely remove all potentially harmful waste.

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you use Grounds Care Group’s void property clearance services you’ll never have to guess the status of a project thanks to our bespoke live reporting scheduling system. Designed to increase efficiency and save customers money, this system provides live minute-by-minute reporting, so you are kept up-to-date with developments every step of the way.

For added support, our automated customer communication tool allows customers to check every aspect of a project from job receipts to inspection reports whenever they wish.

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