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Tailored Stump Grinding Services

Using the latest equipment and technology, our expert team is able to carry out a range of different stump grinding services efficiently and thoroughly. Our team have been expertly trained in the latest stump grinding techniques and also are equipped with the latest equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and professionalism. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than a job that is done quickly but not to a high standard. That is why our industry professionals will devote their time to your premises. This level of attention and experience is what sets the Grounds Care Group apart from the competition.

Why Choose Our Stump Removal Service?

n some situations stumps can be left in the ground after tree felling, however, in some cases these stumps can cause future problems. Not only are they unsightly but they can also lead to obstructions. Our stump removal service also takes into consideration any root spreading diseases that could be problematic if left. The team care deeply about delivering a quality service but also equally about the environment and wildlife on your premises.

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you choose to work with the Grounds Care Group you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system. For over 12 years we have been using our unique scheduling system to be more efficient and save our customers money. You’ll receive live minute by minute reporting, allowing you to stay in control of every service we provide. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details including job receipts, quotes and inspection reports anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

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