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Tree Risk Management

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Tree Risk Management

Tree risk management is something that occupiers of any premises or sites need to take seriously. It is vital that trees are regularly inspected to make sure that any branches or trees at risk of falling are identified and corrected. If you are the owner of premises that the public has access to, such as retail parks and schools you will need to have your trees inspected on an annual basis to ensure trees are safe for children and the public. If you have a fallen tree, responsibility and laws mean that you are liable. Here at the Grounds Care Group, we are able to carry out tree risk management by considering the following:

  • Rerouting when necessary any paths or walkways
  • Tree surgery
  • Bracing the tree 
  • Felling of the tree
  • Regular Inspections


Here at the Grounds Care Group, our expert arborists advise that regular planned inspections are necessary to ensure safety. As with all of our services, we tailor each inspection programme to the specific needs and requirements of your business and premises. Our detailed inspection reports will highlight any issues and also outline your options. We are always keeping up to date with the latest arboricultural and tree laws and legislation. When you partner with us, you know that you are dealing with the experts.

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you choose to work with the Grounds Care Group you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system. For over 12 years we have been using our unique scheduling system to be more efficient and save our customers money. You’ll receive live minute by minute reporting, allowing you to stay in control of every service we provide. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details including job receipts, quotes and inspection reports anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

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