Experienced & Accredited Turfing Contractors


Does your lawn need a transformation? Here at Grounds Care Group, we have a team of turfing specialists that will work with you to provide you what you need while keeping your budget in mind.

What we offer:

      •   Natural or Artificial Turf

      •   Turf Preparation (Includes grading and levelling)

      •   Full Turf Installation

      •   Old Turf Repair or Replacement

      •   Top Soiling and Seeding

Our Residential Turfing Services

Our experienced and accredited team will carry out your turf layering needs and requirements. Whether its for a simple lawn or a full garden turfing project, we will work to your budget, time restraints and still ensure a truly bespoke service that will leave you satisfied.

Why choose us?

         •   Certified Professional Landscapers

         •   Full lawn design & arrangement plans

         •   We work with any lawn size

         •   Competitive Pricing to fit your budget

         •   Best natural lawn range (Garden Lawn, Shade-Pro & RoLawn Finest)

Our Turfing Process

Lawn Site Clearance 
The first step is to ensure the site is clear from weeds, plants, roots or any debris.

Grading and Levelling 
Is the process of moving soil to ensure the site is flat and even before the turf layering.

A layer of healthy fertilised soil is put on the site for the best turf growth.

Turf Installation
The main event where we lay down the fresh green turf on the lawn area.

Turf and Lawn Edging
This is when the final touches are done to ensure that you are left with the perfect landscape.

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