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Our Latest Eco-Friendly Technology

Modern Electric Machinery and Vehicles

Wherever possible our team will look for ways in which to swap traditional diesel machinery and vehicles with modern electric versions. At the Grounds Care Group, we are constantly seeking new ways in which we can modernise our way of working and minimise our carbon emissions with eco-friendly technology. The team are extremely passionate about protecting the environment at all costs, and by using electric models we are able to make a considerable impact. You’ll also benefit from less noise, pollution and disruption on-site too since our electric models are much quieter.

Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you work with the Grounds Care Group, you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting systems. We were an early adopter of the system 12 years ago. Our live reporting system has been designed to empower our office support, field teams and engage with our customers. Key benefits of our live reporting systems include:

  • Smartphone app instantly syncs with our scheduling system in the office so you can quote and book services.
  • You are able to view currently daily assignment on an interactive map.
  • You’ll have real-time information of work in progress and also completion without having to contact the office. You will be able to view job photos, documents and job sheets easily.

The Latest Screening Technology

Our state of the art screening technology enables us to thoroughly and quickly screen the high volumes of potentially contaminated soil. Our bespoke technology has been designed to effectively remove all traces of Japanese knotweed rhizome. All of our Japanese knotweed specialists are trained to be able to use the technology to effectively eradicate knotweed.

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