Snow Clearing, Gritting and Risk Management in Hampshire

Expert Road Gritting Contractors in Hampshire

Grounds Care Group covers all winter maintenance tasks, from gritting to snow clearing and more. Our gritting services cover the Hampshire area from local depots, through all the rural roads. As Hampshire is such a broad county, gritting companies must be prepared for all types of roads, from rural to dual carriageway, and provide services suited to your business.

Here at Grounds Care Group, we provide tailored services to your business, which can include:

As a third of all workplace injuries are related to slips and trips, it’s important that all workplaces, local authorities, housing associations and hospitals in Hampshire are prepared. Winter increases risks relating to slips, trips and falls, so engaging the services of a winter maintenance company like Grounds Care Group will help when it gets when there’s a risk of ice and poor driving conditions.

Bespoke Gritting Services for Your Hampshire Business

At Grounds Care Group, a large part of what we offer is gritting. Gritting plays a vital part in winter risk management, as it works effectively in a variety of situations to protect people through careful planning and reacting to changing weather conditions.

Grounds Care Group have a reputation for data and technology-led maintenance services, using advanced computer systems to accurately pinpoint the best times to grit. By being proactive with our services, we help to reduce winter risks by applying grit before heavy snowfall turns to ice.

How Gritting Works in Hampshire

Rock salt is spread by our road gritting machines which creates brine when it mixes with the snow or ice, a saltwater solution that has a lower freezing point than water.

By applying grit to a surface before it snows, or before it gets cold enough for ice to form, we can reduce the risk of ice-related injuries and accidents, such as slips, trips or falls.

Leading Gritting and Snow Clearing Services in Hampshire

Here at Grounds Care Group, we use a wide variety of technology, as well as a good reputation that has been built up over the years, cementing our position as an industry leader.

Our gritting and winter maintenance contracts run on either a Cost Per Visit (CPV) basis, or a fixed rate, where regardless of the number of visits and services, you pay a set price. Each have their own merits, but our services are tailored to you and managed by a team of professionals.

We Service the Following Areas:

Grounds Care Group currently services the following towns in Hampshire, and we are able to extend our routes across the county:

  • Portsmouth
  • Basingstoke
  • Eastleigh
  • Horndean
  • Farnborough
  • Fleet
  • Southampton
  • Gosport
  • Andover
  • Aldershot

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you choose to work with the Grounds Care Group you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system. For over 12 years we have been using our unique scheduling system to be more efficient and save our customers money. You’ll receive live minute by minute reporting, allowing you to stay in control of every service we provide. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details including job receipts, quotes and inspection reports anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

Get in Touch!

Our Hampshire gritting, snow clearing, and winter maintenance services cover your business, regardless of where you’re based in Hampshire. Speak to an expert today on 0800 122 3376.

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