Professional Winter Maintenance for the Healthcare Sector


Gritting Services for Hospitals, Walk-in Centres, and other Healthcare Facilities

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Reliable Gritting Services for Hospitals

Given how unpredictable weather patterns and conditions can be in the UK, our specialist gritters will remove the guesswork, ensuring your healthcare facilities remain operational throughout the winter.

Our teams will be responsible for monitoring changing temperatures, conditions and understanding how the projected forecast might impact your premise. Using cutting-edge technology, equipment, and technology in partnership with Met Office, we offer excellent customer service.

Offering fast response times for gritting emergencies, our trained gritters will perform preventative or reactive road gritting and de-icing 24/7, depending on your needs.

Why Choose Our Gritting Services for Hospitals, Walk-in Centres & Surgeries?

Here at Grounds Care Group, we have a reputation for offering flexible and cost-effective approach to supporting the NHS, including other healthcare facilities during the winter.

We can even grit overnight, ensuring that your premise remains operational and safe at all times. Whether car parks, or multi-site locations, we can help keep your facilities accessible for visitors and staff.

Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

When you choose to work with the Grounds Care Group you’ll benefit from our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system. For over 12 years we have been using our unique scheduling system to be more efficient and save our customers money. You’ll receive live minute by minute reporting, allowing you to stay in control of every service we provide. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details including job receipts, quotes and inspection reports anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

Get in Touch!

Contact our team today to out more information about our fritting services for hospitals, walk-in centres, surgeries, and other healthcare facilities. Get in touch with us on 0800 122 3376.

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